Neumorphism UI Kit

A free UI kit to help you create prototypes fast

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What is the Neumorphism UI Kit?

We created this UI Kit 🎨 to help people start with the Neumorphic Desgin trend.

It’s all free, and it’s available for everyone.

This UI Kit is an MVP, built by designers, for designers. We want to bring it way further than it is today. You will be able to check in the roadmap what we plan to do.

If you like it and want to show us your support, please send us your feedback, so we can improve it following what you really need.

Download for free

Components of the Neumorphism UI Kit (Free)

Here is a list of the components currently available in the UI Kit :

  • Colors
  • Typography
  • Icons
  • Forms
  • Avatar
  • Pagination
  • Cards








Here is a list of all the components we will add in the next days:

  • Checkbox
  • Date picker
  • Rate
  • Radio Button
  • Switch
  • Slider
  • Select
  • Transfer
  • Upload
  • Input
  • Inpunt number
  • Text area
  • Badge
  • Comment
  • Collapse
  • More cards
  • Calendar
  • Empty
  • Popover
  • Tooltip
  • Timeline
  • Tag
  • Tabs
  • Table
  • Alert
  • Drawer
  • Modal
  • Message
  • Notifications
  • Progress
  • Popconfirm

We will also create real components so you can easily play with it and build your own stuff in seconds! ⏰

And finally, we will constantly add new screens based on the UI kit.

Messenger Redesign - Neumorphism UI Kit


Sign up Page - Neumorphism UI Kit


Twitter Redesign - Neumorphism UI Kit


The Pros and Cons of Neumorphism Design Trend 2020

Neumorphism Design is controversed: for many people, it would never be used in real applications.

It looks slick 💅, but it’s only for Dribbble shots!

Why? People say because of its lack of contrast, it will never provide a satisfying user experience.

Our challenge here is to show that we can build apps that are using Neumorphism Design and would be used by real users.

We are convinced that with our kit, we and most of all YOU can achieve this goal.

Neumorphism is new, it’s trendy, and it’s here to stay. We look forward seeing your creations using it!