HTML Email Templates for your SaaS

The best HTML email templates you'll find to improve your user lifecycle.

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What is HTML email templates for your SaaS?

We created a pack of email templates to help you with your user lifecycle strategy.

Let’s be honest: no one wants to have to deal with emails. It takes time and it’s kind of boring 😩.

Still, it’s extra valuable: most of your competitors thinks it’s boring, and don’t want to lose time on emails.

This pack is here to help you. Download it, quickly set it up in your favorite email service provider, and start a better conversation with your users.

It’s all free, and it’s available for everyone.

This pack is an MVP, built by user lifecycle experts.

We want to bring it way further than it is today. You will be able to check in the roadmap what we plan to do.

If you like it and want to show us your support, please send us your feedback, so we can improve it following what you really need.

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Components of the HTML Email Templates for Your SaaS (Free Pack)

Here is a list of the templates currently available in the pack :

  • Confirm your account
  • Welcome email
  • Reset your password

It’s a work in progress. We’re currently developing new templates.

Welcome email


Reset your password


Confirm your account



Here is a list of all the templates we’re working on and we will add in the next days:

  • Your trial ends soon
  • NPS
  • Product Update
  • Download app
  • Subscription cancelled
  • New order
  • Customer survey
  • Policy Update/GDPR
  • New payment method
  • Account safety Alert
  • Invoice
  • Receipt
  • Refund
  • Renewal
  • New message notification
  • New comment notification
  • Like notification
  • Share notification
  • Event reminder notification
  • Invite notification
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Later, we will also create:

  • A Newsletter Template
  • A pack for your eCommerce Store